Oman Investment Fund - (“OIF”)

This is the official and only website of Oman Investment Fund (OIF), a Sovereign Wealth Fund of The Sultanate of Oman.

Established under Royal Decree No. 14/2006 of 6th March 2006 and amended under Royal Decree 38/2010 of 14th April 2010 and 34/2012 of 26th May 2012, Oman Investment Fund (OIF) is a wholly owned investment arm of the Government of Oman. The Fund is an investment vehicle, with the objective of building a diversified portfolio in the production and services sectors, projects and other related fields that does not contradict with the objectives of other government funds of Oman. Oman Investment Fund is fully funded by the Ministry of Finance, Oman.

OIF Contact Details:
Phone: +968 2464 3033

Fax: +968 2469 1344


P. O. Box 329,
Muscat P.C. 115
Sultanate of Oman

Legal Note: If you are approached by or believe you have been in contact with anyone purporting to represent Oman Investment Fund and you doubt the credibility or authenticity of that person or institution please contact us via the “contact” tab on this website.. Oman Investment Fund does not use any variation of the name ‘Oman Investment Fund’, or ‘OIF’.